Jean-Baptiste MOUNIER
Jakarta / Indonesia 
ViviersGrenoble / Indonesia
E-mail : jb.mounier[a]arsenadevelopment[dot]com
Tel. Indonesia: (+62) 812 94 29 448
Date of Birth : 21/01/76 in Valence, France


October 2016 – to date: Maritime Information Technology Expert – Maritime IT Expert – SIMSA, Strengthening Solomon Islands’ Maritime Safety and Establishing the Solomon Islands Maritime Safety Authority, ADB Sovereign Project – TA-9127 SOL – Honiara, Solomon Islands. To undertake an ICT capacity assessment of the current organization and to recommend an appropriate restructuring ICT work plan for SIMSA as suitable to meet all of the responsibilities of a new Authority namely: administrative, safety and security, aids to navigation, hydrography, marine search and rescue (GMDSS) and environmental obligations as required by International Maritime Organization (IMO) and obligations under the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) and other international maritime conventions and organizations where Solomon Islands is a signatory. Detailed tasks:ICT needs assessments and work plan for the establishment of the new maritime authority;

  • ICT needs assessments and recommendations for e-navigation project of Coastal-AIS, LRIT, Port-VTS
  • Recommendations for the GMDSS system (repair and maintenance)
  • Development of the SIMSA website and website maintenance training:
  • Development of the Vessel Registry for the Solomon Islands

     – Ongoing –

July 2016 – to date: IMS  Senior Expert (for LIMS) – Information Systems & IT Senior Expert Manager – Department of Fishery (DOF), European Union (EU) Trade Development Programme (TDP) DCI-ASIE/2013/335-140 – Yangon, Myanmar. Responsible for the development of an Information Management System (Web Based IMS) to Monitor Residues of Veterinary Medicines and Environmental Contaminants in Products from Aquaculture (NRMP). The project aims to facilitate trade of aquaculture products to the EU. Detailed tasks:

  • ICT infrastructure needs assessments
  • IMS specifications and development with training to users
  • Supported the ICT procurement and installation of hardware / software.
  • Training to increase the IT capacity of users and designated administrators was initiated. Procedures for data security

​   – Ongoing –

March 2016 – to date: IT Web Developer Expert – Developed and maintenance of the online website  for the Regional EU-ASEAN Regional EU-ASEAN Dialogue Instrument (READI) Human Rights Facility Office ASEAN Secretariat programme 2015 / 2017, DCI-ASIE/2015/363-510 – Jakarta, Indonesia.

Nov. 2015 – July 2016: ICT and IMS Expert – Managed the project development of the web gateway for the ASEAN Solutions for Investments, Services and Trade (ASSIST), assist.asean.orgRegional programme EU-ASEAN ARISE DCI-ASIE/2012/297-069 – Jakarta, Indonesia. The ASSIST is a user-friendly web-based portal that can be accessed and used, free of charge, by ASEAN enterprises experiencing trade problems when exporting their goods or services or when investing into other ASEAN countries with tracking system; Detailed tasks:

  • Recommended and proposed IT solutions for the ASSIST architecture during the inception phase in order to prepare the web based customized solution
  • Conceptualized the IT platform in line with requirements from the stakeholders EU and ASEAN
  • Designed the architecture of the gateway
  • Managed the project development and delivery cycle of the ASSIST portal with access to the members states for data collection and data management
  • Document requirements and user manuals

Dec. 2014 – July 2016: ICT and IMS Expert – Managed the project development of the web gateway for the ASEAN National Trade Repository (ATR/NTR) and for its member states, atr.asean.orgRegional programme EU-ASEAN ARISE DCI-ASIE/2012/297-069 – Jakarta, Indonesia. The ATR intends to assist the process of regional economic integration with particular focus on enhanced transparency and non-tariff measures (NTMs). Detailed tasks:

  • Recommended and proposed IT solutions for the ATR/NTR architecture during the inception phase in order to prepare the web based customized solution
  • Conceptualized the IT platform in line with requirements from the stakeholders EU and ASEAN
  • Designed the architecture of the gateway
  • Managed the project development and delivery cycle of the ATR portal with access to the members’ states for data collection and data management
  • Document requirements and user manuals

March 2015 – Sept. 2015: ICT Senior International Expert – Developed an harmonized database and its online platform of standards for the ASEAN member states – database is established in accordance with the ASEAN Guidelines on the Harmonization of Standards as approved by ACCSQ in 2014 and the ASEAN Trade in Goods Agreement (ATIGA) – Regional programme EU-ASEAN ARISE DCI-ASIE/2012/297-069 – Jakarta, Indonesia. Detailed tasks:

  • Coordinated the functional requirements of the platform with the Key Expert and the stakeholders
  • Development and integration of the database to the online information management system
  • Integration of the standards with filters, including by HS and ICS classifications.
  • Provided trainings and user guide

April 2015 – Sept. 2015: ICT Senior International Expert (LIMS) – Development of an online Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) for governmental laboratories for samples data collection and results outputs with Risk Analysis. European Union (EU) Trade Support Programme II EuropeAid/128707/C/SER/ID – Jakarta, Indonesia. Detailed tasks:

  • Carried out needs assessments and feasibility study
  • Developed the Information Management System with a prototype based on the pilot laboratory
  • Developed the data collection forms, analytic and reporting tools for laboratories monitoring
  • Provided trainings and user guide of the IMS
  • Provided workshops for data risk analysis
  • Advised the procurement for hosting services

August 2015: IT Development – Developed the online website for the Regional EU-ASEAN SHARE programme.

June 2013-Aug. 2015: Information Systems & IT Senior Expert Manager – Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery (MMAF), European Union (EU) Trade Support Programme II EuropeAid/128707/C/SER/ID – Jakarta, Indonesia. Responsible for the development of an Information Management System (Web Based IMS) to Monitor Residues of Veterinary Medicines and Environmental Contaminants in Products from Aquaculture (NRMP). The project aims to facilitate trade of aquaculture products to the EU. Detailed tasks:

  • Conducted the need assessments and analysis in consultation with the beneficiaries and prepared the IMS strategy
  • Designed and supervised the development of the web based infrastructure – database and interface for dissemination of information
  • Developed data collection and data entry methods with quality insurance procedures
  • Provided technical support for the implementation of the IMS in 17 provinces with regional offices of the Aquaculture department and 10 laboratories, including development and implementation training modules and user guide.
  • Provided capacity building to the key staff involved in data management in the provinces and laboratories
  • Designed dedicated modules to generate reports and statistics to monitor the NRMP including a geographic information system (GIS) mapping interface
  • Designed disaggregated performance management tools for users, for laboratories and by geographic location
  • Supported the official launching of the system NRMP with the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery and the press medias

January 2015: IT Development – Developed the online website for the Regional EU-ASEAN “Capacity Building Project for Monitoring Integration Progress and Statistics”, or COMPASS programme.

February 2012–July 2015: Senior Information Management Systems Expert, MMAF, EU Trade Support Programme II EuropeAid/128707/C/SER/ID – Jakarta, Indonesia. Responsible for the development and implementation of a national data and information management system (DSS) to integrate information on Registration, Licensing, Sanctions, VMS, Logbook, Catch statistics and Catch Certificates, RFMO (…) in operation for management at central, provincial and local fishery authorities. The project aims to facilitate trade of fishery products to the EU and to monitor potential fishery infringement risks (IUU) in all ports of Indonesia. Detailed tasks:

  • In close consultation with the beneficiaries, established an interdivision IT task force and prepared the work plan for the project
  • Prepared the assessment of the existing system, procedures, standards and classification systems.
  • Prepared recommendations to define metadata and data governance good practices in the Ministry and its decentralized authorities. The system is required to operate in line with Indonesian regulations regarding data security and confidentiality of personal data.
  • Developed a roadmap to develop the centralized web-based information management system to integrate and monitor the different database from the different divisions and the integration of all registered business applications and components
  • Prepared technical specifications for the required servers and other hardware or ICT infrastructures
  • Managed the migration and integration of all existing databases (MySQL, Oracle, MSSQL) into modules covering all official nationwide fishery authorities (Modules Registration, Licensing, VMS, RFMO, fishery statistics…)
  • Designed and supervised a team of 10 experts and local services suppliers for the development of the DSS integrated with the central database, meta data, web interface and analysis tools according to all components cycle of implementation and business processes.
  • ICT Quality control with the It Task Force and local services suppliers
  • Designed the web data entry interfaces for integrated modules and provided recommendations for improvement of the questionnaires
  • Integrated standard operating procedures (SOPs) within the modules to ensure compliance with the developed framework for the DSS in collaboration with the SOP experts
  • Recommended risk assessment for a System Disaster Recovery for the DSS including backup procedures
  • Prepared the capacity building strategy including modules and implementation plan and provided training to trainers with 32 registered fishing ports
  • Provided recommendations for organizational change and long term resources allocation to ensure sustainable management of the system in the Ministry and its regional authorities
  • Provided data mining of the system to generate technical reports – including GIS based reports (developed with Google map), statistics, and system monitoring tools
  • Prepared technical and progress reports
  • Supported the official launching of the system DSS with the MMAF and the medias
  • Provided global IT Risk Assessment to the beneficiaries
  • Provided workshops to central and provincial authorities  

Nov. 2011–Oct. 2014: ICT Senior International Expert – Ministry of Trade (MOT), EU Trade Support Programme II EuropeAid/128707/C/SER/ID – Jakarta, Indonesia. Development of the online Indonesia Export Helpdesk Gateway to facilitate Indonesian trade with business organizations and companies. The Portal is expected to help the MOT to fulfill its mission of supporting Indonesian exporters in meeting technical regulations and standards in key export markets as EU and China: tasks:

  • Conducted the ICT assessment and analysis in consultation with beneficiaries for the overall IMS strategy, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. The online gateway covered 20 targeted products in order to propose market information and intelligence
  • Designed the gateway methodology
  • Designed and developed the database and interface including the SEO infrastructure and the content maintenance
  • Provided trainings and user guide

December 2013: Developed the Online website for the Regional EU-ASEAN ARISE programme – Jakarta, Indonesia.

December 2012: Developed the Online website for the Regional EU – ASEAN Dialogue Instrument, or READI program readi.– Jakarta, Indonesia

March March 2011–Nov. 2011: ICT Consultant. Development of an online travel services platform and e-tailer – – Grenoble, France & Indonesia. Detailed tasks:

  • Analyzed business processes and workflow of the client
  • Defined the specifications for the online portal and booking functions with internal management of the bookings modules in line with the client’s SOP
  • Developed the online portal – Database and interface
  • Developed analytic and reporting tools for the monitoring of the booking and ecommerce platform
  • Designed the gateway methodology
  • Participated to the general promotion and digital marketing
  • Provided online training of the staff

Nov. 2010-June 2012: ICT consultancy – Development and deployment of an online platform to manage a network of 40 villas for Bali Villa Worldwide – Jakarta/Bali, Indonesia. Detailed tasks:

  • Analyzed business processes and formulated functional requirements of the platform
  • Development of the interface and database for management of the villas, including online booking management and reporting tools (calendar, booking schedules, statistics)
  • Designed the gateway methodology and its general promotion and digital marketing
  • SEO Strategy development
  • Training of the staff

Dec. 2009–Sept. 2010: ICT consultancy for the deployment of the Intranet & Website for the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Division for AQUA – Danone Indonesia. Detailed tasks:

  • Need assessments and specifications following SOP of the CSR division
  • Advised the project manager for business processes and CSR data collection to the system
  • Developed concepts for data modeling and database design
  • Project management and development of the CSR Intranet – Database and interface
  • Training of the staff and user guide

Jun. 2006–to date: Director & Owner – MNCONCEPT – IT Solutions & ServicesConsultancy.  Valence, France.  Main  product: – website generation platform and ad online platform (affiliation) –  Database digital marketing.

March 2007-Oct. 2008: IT Consultant & Manager, Sophie Paris –, Bags & Garments Company, Jakarta, Indonesia. Development & Implementation of the worlwide Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Member & Bonus Management System. It represents a database of more than 1,4 million members for Indonesia, Morocco and Philippines with monthly automatic bank transfers to the members. Management of the IT department for a 400 people company and additional responsability for monitoring the installation of the new building cabling installation. Detailed tasks:

  • Defined system requirements and prepared the tender for the IT procurement of a local services supplier for the MLM software solution
  • Managed forecasting and budgeting processes of projects
  • Defined data usage SOPs in collaboration with the financial department
  • Supervised the development of the MLM system including an IT team of 15 persons and external services supplier for data quality control
  • Implementation of data harmonization and information collection in accordance with SOPs
  • Organized and performed unit and integrated tests
  • Provided technical assistance to the IT team with other project maintenance and daily activities. In direct reporting to the CEO and CFO.
  • Provided Quality control of the local services suppliers and other outputs
  • Assisted the CEO in relocating the IT infrastructure to a new building 

Nov. 2006-April 2008: ICT Senior International Expert – EU?RI Trade Support Programme?1 TSP1), Jakarta, Indonesia. Audit & Development missions for the National Standardization Agency of Indonesia (BSN) – www.bsn.or.idRestructured the website and developed an Intranet application with eballot management for technical committees. Detailed tasks:

  • Definition of the database specifications in collaboration with the database experts for standards and classifications with the beneficiaries
  • Managed the Development of the website and intranet– database and interface for front end and admin back end
  • Capacity building with provison of Training and user guide
  • Presented the website (BSN) to Indonesian authorities and to medias at the official launching

Jan. 2003–Sept. 2006: Outsourcing Data entry servicesSoftware and Management solutions company, Jakarta, Indonesia  – subsidiary of Andemos – – and Groupe Second Marché – www.groupesecondmarche.comImplementationbusiness development and company/business administration of over 90 people company. The company provides services for european based companies for data entry and IT software. I was responsible for the overall management of the company. Main Clients include among others: PSA, BNP, Carrefour, Eurocham….- Jakarta, IndonesiaDetailed tasks:

  • Budget planning and management
  • Established IT solutions in line with client requirements
  • Monitored the development and design of information system for clients
  • Implementation of projects: supervise activities and departments for data entry production or software production, including supervision of the data entry teams for all survey / poll data entry projects
  • Prepared standards, procedures and work plans
  • Among other I had a special assignment to develop the Eurocham online platform in Indonesia to promote European businesses – This includes: Consultation with the European business community to assess needs and requirements for information sharing – Develop the online European companies enterprises directory
  • In charge of human resources including definition of tasks and recruitment
  • Managed staffs, preparing work schedules and assigned specific duties
  • Ensured quality control for project (IT and data entry project) and performance data
  • Reporting to the headquarter

April 2001-Sept. 2002ICT (Information & Communication Technologies) Commercial Executive and IT Manager for the Economic Department of the French EmbassyJakarta, Indonesia – CSNI/VI. Detailed tasks:

  • Management of the IT infrastructure, website and Intranet of the Economic Departments for Indonesia and Brunei
  • Responsible to liaise between French and Indonesian companies/SMEs for the ICT market in Indonesia, including market survey, and reporting
  • Responsible for market intelligence for the ICT sector, including market surveys, sector surveys, press articles and reporting
  • Responsible to organize business missions for the French companies to Indonesia

Jan.-Feb. 2001: Consultant for the startup MSOne and the launch of its “couponing” website and game website www.goldyplace.comGrenoble, France. Definition of the websites marketing target & market. Website architecture, design and features corresponding to market expectations. Search for strategic partnersImplementation of the database. Web Marketing.

June-Sept. 2000: Internship at the Institut Laue Langevin –, Information Systems Department, Grenoble, France. Implementation and development of an information system including business flow, communications, reporting tools, using WebDB, a web based tool for the generation of web pages based on Oracle database. Provided Audit and IT solutions.

April-August 1999: Internship at the Environmental Modeling & GIS LaboratorySchool of Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences – University of Oklahoma, Norman, USA. Studied the comparison and optimization of two hydrologic computer programs based on the mathematic formulas in order to simulate the infiltration of substances through different soils assisted by computer. This includes analysis and reporting.

June-August 1998: Internship at Stéria MéditérannéeAix-en-Provence, France. The study aimed to support the automatic management of the Paris MRT system through a computerized software by the company Steria –  – and the Method B. Study of the B formal language. Programming and demonstrations of B language program with mathematical validation procedures of the B language programming scripts. Editing part of the User Manual of B language.

Miscellaneous (handled during university studies):

– Spelling for children’s centers in Grau du Roi and Bayonne, France, summers 94-96
– Private teacher of physics and mathematics.
– Agricultural work during the summers of 94-97.
– Technical Employee at the Town Hall of LoriolFrance: paint work department and horticulture department during the summers 95-96.


1999-2000: Master Degree in Business Administration (DESS Management CAAE – Certificat d’Aptitude à l’Adminitration des Entreprises – Postgraduate study in Management), Ecole Supérieure des Affaires (Graduate School of business), University Pierre Mendès France, Grenoble, network IAE –
Financial management and accounting, Human resources, Web Marketing, Procurement, Strategic and organizational management, Company/SME management simulation, Global Business Management Economic affairs, French tax regulation, social and business regulation, Negotiation and sales , conflict management, Information Management Systems.

1996-99: Master Degree (Maîtrise) and Bachelor degree (License) in Computer Sciences and Mathematical Engineering – IUP MAI, “Ingénieur Maître”, School of Applied and Industrial Mathematics,  University Joseph Fourier, Grenoble, France.
Applied mathematics and modelling for engineering applications
Statistics and probability for engineering
Web based technologies and web infrastructure
Database and Information management Systems (IMS) / Content Management systems(CMS)
IT Security, network and data encryption [More details…]

1994-97: Deug A: 2-years University of Sciences in Mathematics, Physics and ChemistryUniversity of Sciences Joseph Fourier – , Grenoble, France.


(Web) IT Consultancy, System and database, Project Management, Internet website and Intranet. Information Management Systems. Database design. Search Engines Optimization (SEO) and Strategy. Capacity Building. Need assessments. ICT Quality control. Web and ad online Marketing.
Languages: C, C++, PHP, CSS, Turbopascal, B, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Latex, etc.                                                                         
Parallel ProgramingInterfaces. 
SGBD (Merise) : MySQL, PostgreSQL, Access, Oracle (SQL et Webdb)
Softwares: Matlab, Maple, Latex, Adobe Photoshop, etc.
Systems: Windows Administration (NT, 2000, XP). Linux. Macintosch.
CMS: WordPress, Joomla, SPIP, OpenERP, etc.
E-Marketing and Search Engines Optimization (SEO)


Weekly press review on the ITC market and articles for a monthly publication called “La Lettre d’Indonésie”, French Embassy, Economic Department – from January 2001 to September 2002.

Article “L’envol du SMS en Indonésie” – The rise of the SMS in Indonesia -, review “Veille Internationale du réseau des ME et du CFCE ” – International survey from the Ministry of  Economy, Finance and Industry – n°6 juin 2001.

 Languages                           Activities and Interests

English : Fluent                                     Swimming, Snowboarding, Bodyboarding. Acting.
Indonesian: Fluent                               Music & trumpet (six years with the Academy of Music)