Welcome to Arsena DevelopmentIT Solutions & ConsultingInformation Management Systems (IMS) Services based on Web Technologies. Arsena is an independent ‘ideas driven’ creative entity.

Our approach to the design and building of a system is flexible, considering what the organisation wants to achieve as well as levels of expertise. 

When considering any new project, we place significant effort in to the project initiation process to ensure that we fully understand our customer’s needs and strategy for both the short and long term. This information is processed and reviewed by Jean-Baptiste Mounier – International Senior ICT Senior Consultant.

I will review with you your overall Information Systems architecture and redesign or assist you to evolve into an eco-optimized infrastructure model.

I provide an array of consulting services to organizations (European Commission, ADB, …), companies:

  • ICT and Information Management System consultancy with wide-ranging expertise in the effective application of information technology (MIS and IMS) to the needs of private sector corporations, government agencies or organization [Read more…]
  • System Analysis and Assessment
  • Database Selection and Implementation/Integration
  • Business Intelligence Design and Implementation
  • Information and IT/ Data Strategy, IT / Data Governance (including Meta Data), IT / Data Quality Control
  • System and Database Design, analyze, implementation, development, maintenance, troubleshoot / testing / quality control, document information system and training
  • Data Mining
  • Web Development & Web Marketing, Search Engines Optimization (SEO) and Web Strategy
  • IT Capacity Building
  • Intranet or/and Internet websites Interface 
  • Documentation and Training Consulting
  • Helping analyze requests for proposals and preparing technical proposals
  • Maintaining expert knowledge in the areas of security analysis, design, and configuration
  • Exploitation of information technology in order to fulfil corporate strategy and goals
  • Extraction of competitive advantage from information technology
  • My primary interests and expertise are in Web Based Technologies or e-Technologies
  • Federate synergies, energies with Quality and Efficiency 

I also conduct and serve project such as Management information system, or MIS (which could include IMS), which broadly refers to a computer-based system that provides managers with the tools to organize, evaluate and efficiently manage departments within an organization. In order to provide past, present and prediction information, a management information system can include software (IMS) that helps in decision making, data resources such as databases, the hardware resources of a system, decision support systems, people management and project management applications, and any computerized processes that enable the department to run efficiently. Whether you want complex multi-dimensional reports or simple real-time reports, we can ensure that you have the info you need when you need it.

Arsena will provide you with unique ideas tailored to your requirements, and with compelling interactive solutions. We believe in delivering engaging and appropriate solutions to both the client and the consumer.

Our expertise is based on Web Technologies.

We also make Web sites. We’re committed to client satisfaction. We listen carefully. We work within budgets. We’re creative people who understand Web technologies. We meet deadlines. We solve problems. We’re engineers, designers, writers, multimedia producers, and technologists.