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EU programme TSP2 - ICT and IMS Senior Expert

June 2013-To date: Information Systems & IT Senior Expert Manager - Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery (MMAF), European Union (EU) Trade Support Programme II EuropeAid/128707/C/SER/ID – Jakarta, Indonesia. Responsible for the development of an Information Management System (Web Based IMS) to Monitor Residues of Veterinary Medicines and Environmental Contaminants in Products from Aquaculture (NRMP). Detailed tasks:

? Conducted the need assessments and analysis in consultation with the beneficiaries and prepared the IMS strategy

? Designed and supervised the development of the web based infrastructure - database and interface

? Developed data entry and quality insurance procedures

? Provided technical support for the implementation in 17 provinces with regional offices and 10 laboratories of the Aquaculture department, including development and implementation training modules and user guide.

? Provided capacity building to the key staff involved in data management in the provinces and laboratories

? Prepared dedicated modules to generate reports and statistic to monitor the NRMP including geographic information system (GIS) mapping interface

? Supported the official launching of the system NRMP with Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery and the press medias

March 2012–To date: Senior Information Management Systems Expert, MMAF, EU Trade Support Programme II EuropeAid/128707/C/SER/ID – Jakarta, Indonesia. Responsible for the development and implementation of a national data and information management system (DSS) to integrate information on Registration, Licensing, Sanctions, Catch statistics and Catch Certificates, RFMO (…) in operation for mananegement at central, provincial and local fishery authorities. Detailed tasks:

   ? In close consultation with the beneficiaries, established an interdivision IT task force and prepared the work plan for the project

    ? Prepared the assessment of the existing system, procedures, standard and classification systems.

    ? Prepared recommendations to define metadata and data governance good practices in the Ministry and its decentralized authorities. The system is required to operate in line with Indonesian regulations regarding data security and confidentiality of personal data.

    ? Developed a roadmap to develop the information management system (web based) to integrate and monitor the different database from the different divisions

   ? Prepared technical specifications for the required servers and other hardware or ICT infrastructures

   ? Managed the migration and integration of all existing databases (MySQL, Oracle, MS SQL) into modules covering all official nationwide fishery authorities (Modules Registration, Licensing, VMS, RFMO, fishery statistics…)

  ? Designed and supervised a team of 10 experts and local services suppliers for the development of the DSS integrated with the central database, meta data, web interface and analysis tools   

  ? ICT Quality control with the It Task Force and local services suppliers

? Designed the web data entry interfaces for integrated modules and provided recommendations for improvement of the questionnaires

rg procedures (SOPs) within the modules to ensure compliance with the developed framework for the DSS in collaboration with the SOP experts

? Recommended risk assessment for a System Disaster Recovery for the DSS including backup procedures

? Prepared the capacity building strategy including modules and implementation plan and provided training to trainers in 32 registered fishing ports

? Provided recommendations for organizational change and long term resources allocation to ensure sustainable management of the system in the Ministry and its regional authorities

? Provided data mining of the system to generate technical reports - including GIS based reports (developed with Google map), statistics, and system monitoring tools

            ? Prepared technical and progress reports

? Supported the official launching of the system DSS with the MMAF and the medias


Dec. 2011–Oct. 2014: ICT Senior International Expert - Ministry of Trade (MOT), EU Trade Support Programme II EuropeAid/128707/C/SER/ID – Jakarta, Indonesia. Development of the online Indonesia Export Helpdesk portal. The Portal is expected to help the MOT fulfill its mission of supporting Indonesian exporters in meeting technical regulations and standards in key export markets: Detailed tasks:

? Conducted the ICT assessment and analysis in consultation with beneficiaries for the overall IMS strategy, including Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. This covered 20 selected products.

   ? Designed and developed the database and interface including the SEO infrastructure

   ? Provided trainings and user guide

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