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EU - IT Senior International Consultant

IT Senior Project Management International Consultant for Systems and Database

From Dec'2011 until now:

Develop a Management Information System (Web Based) in the Competent Authority for Monitoring of Residues of Veterinary Medicines and Environmental Contaminants in Products from Aquaculture (NRMP) - Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery.

Technical support and project coordination for the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fishery to install a coherent (Web based) Data Sharing System including all necessary information on Registration, Licensing, Sanctions, catch statistics and Catch Certificates, Logbook, etc. in operation and used by staffs at all administrative levels for verifying Catch Certificates issued by central, provincial and local governments. The system is required to operate in line with Indonesian regulations regarding data security and confidentiality. Program EU-TSPII.

Development of the Indonesia Export Guide portal. The Portal is expected to help the Ministry of Trade fulfill its mission of supporting Indonesian exporters in meeting technical regulations and standards in key export markets: Program EU- TSPII.